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by transform your body and mind on July 1, 2010

Bill Phillips transformation book


Bill Phillips is by far the most successful author in terms of fitness books. He first started off by teaching bodybuilding enthusiasts the exact way to use steroids for their own benefit.

His most famous work is Body for Life and today we are going to discuss about this formula that he talks about in this book.

This formula consists of five simple steps which can get you transformed. Bill Phillips commented on this formula by saying,” these five steps may be simple to understand but not that easy to achieve”

The five steps to get transformed are nothing five questions that you need to answer and accordingly act. The procedure to get transformed is as follows:

• Where am I now?

o Here you need to analyze your current position. It will require you taking a number of tests and find out numbers about your current calorie intake. All this will help you to give a starting point, to tell you how much change is necessary and how much of improvement in technique is required.

• Where do I want to be?

o Here you need set your goals straight, just make a list of all the things you want to achieve by the end of this program. The word that is highlighted in this step is “specific”. Your chance of achieving the goals will be higher if they’re more specific.

• Why?

o This transformation must always have a reason even if the reason is trying out a new workout regime then stick to it. Along the entire procedure the reason why you took up this transformation act should never change. Look the goals and you can easily derive the reasons to why you’re doing this.

• When?

o Time is very important aspect of this transformation, this workout works on a limited time frame and you have to strictly follow it. After answering the above given three questions you can figure out a time period for yourself. Looking at the goals and your starting point you can time your workout to reach the desired goals in a couple of months.

• How?

o The final question that needs to be answered, after you’re done answering and analyzing all the questions above, now you need to think about the way you will achieve. What is required in your workout like for example the type of diet that will suit you best and whether you need to tone the entire body or just some specific areas.

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Bill Phillips transformation book


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