Eating Right: Body for Life

by transform your body and mind on July 25, 2010

Transformation by muscle media

The book written by Bill Phillips known as “Body for Life” is a guide for an exercise and nutrition program and lets out the secrets for getting into shape and getting the healthy muscle.

This is book ranks in the hundred best fitness guide books of the world. Phillips was an inspired man whose endeavour was to make a program to reach the masses.

He has only recently launched another guide for fitness conscious people called Eating for Life. The main focus of this book is nutrition and diet habits. There are a number of recipes in this book as well.
Eating for Life has a link with eDiets and now everything can be accessed online as well. You can go through online packages for weight loss.
The basics:
According to the program, you are supposed to have six small meals in one day and for 6 days a week. The size of these meals has to be small like the palm of your hand.
This helps accelerate the body’s metabolism which helps in losing weight. The 7th day is a day off. The plan has to be adhered to very strictly for effective results.

The exercise part of the plan has aerobic exercises three days in a week for a period of 45 minutes each. This must be alternated with weight lifting thrice a week again for three quarters of an hour.

Are the effects permanent?
The “before and after pictures” have a story to tell of their own. However, it requires great discipline to be incorporated into your lifestyle to lose substantial amounts of weight and to maintain it. You have to be motivated enough; there isn’t another way out.

An Ideal Program
The program is an ideal one because not only is it very solid and scientifically consistent, but also leads to weight loss along with a host of other health benefits.

Say you are not overweight, you can still use this program and for overweight people, the results can be drastic, in a safe way. The program is designed with hormonal fluctuations and other bodily changes in mind.
Following this plan can get a tad difficult and supplements are a suggested from the author. One can incorporate protein shakes, etc., into their diets. They are a convenient and a good option.

Transformation by muscle media


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